21 March 2009

The Secrets to Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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Here you will find a great ebook that covers many new & uniques techniques of acquiring more traffic to your blog or websites. This through ebook covers many aspoects of SEO including: Blogging, Forums, SEO Keys, Flash Linking, Anchor Text, and much much more. If you are new to SEO or see yourself as a bit of an expert there will b something new for you to discover in the competitive world of SEO.

Table of Contents:

Introduction 5
Chapter 1: Fantastical linking (9)
Collect an unstoppable amount of .edu links 9
Can .edu links be purchased? 10
Self hosted blogs 11
Methodology #1: Flash linking 12
Methodology #2: I spy 16
Methodology #3: Get in touch 17
Snatch .gov links 21
Commenting measures 23
How to get the most out of your time with blog commenting 24
Open source links 25
The Forum game plan 32
Chapter Overview 38
Chapter 2: Special Seo Keys (41)
The duplicate content paradox 41
The double jeopardy methodology-Unlimited Back links 46
Article marketing magic 50
Search engine Chemistry-How to make extra links and traffic
from nothing 60
Crosscut promotion 64
Get more relevant anchor text 65
Chapter Overview 66
Chapter 3: Web 2.0 wizardry (69)
The 3 big dominators 69
How to dominate Digg-piece by piece 72
The double page rank thesis 82
Strategic link baiting 83
The double page rank thesis exposed 85
The power of social media optimization 88
Inside Propeller 94
Reddit 104
Web 2.0 marketing Axioms 109
Chapter Overview 125
Chapter 4: Search engine prophecy (133)
Video optimization 135
Imagery 141
Chapter Overview 161
Chapter 5: The Prestigious Press release (164)
Get your story listed where it counts 166
Press release measures 171
Methodology number one: Blueprint 171
Methodology number two: Keep certain principles the same 172
Methodology number three: The most important ingredient 173
Methodology number four: Amaranthine tokens 175
Chapter Overview 180
Final thoughts 183
Useful webmaster resources 185




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